Mobile Phone Contactless Reader

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  New Phones:

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  • A new invention in mobile payment industry
  • A contactless reader of IMEI & IMSI number of mobile phone
  • Mobile payment for shops, restaurants, bus and train tickets and taxi far, etc
  • Access control by mobile phone
  • For all kind of mobile phones
  • Any kind of mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Any kind of mobile network operators
  • High security
  • Without NFC technology
  • Without extra software on mobile phone
  • Without extra hardware on mobile phone
  • Without extra costs
  • No need to purchase a new mobile phone
  • No need to USSD, SMS
  • No need to camera & Bluetooth
  • Accessible for 4.5 billion user now!
  • Paying by mobile phone in about 1.2 second
  • An opportunity to invest in a $1,130,000,000,000 turnover industry
Mobile Phone Contactless Reader